Foggy autumn weather is here and dark winter nights are not far, we’ve moved our activities inside and enjoy spending time under the blanket at home reading our favorite magazine or new and exciting books. Therefore, now is the best time to think about what we need most in the bedroom for comfortable reading, in addition to a good book, the paramount is light. There is no simple answer to what a good bedroom luminaire should be, since our habits, needs, and preferences are just so different. Here on this blog, we will try to introduce your to the different types of wall luminaires for your bedroom so that you can find the perfect solution for you.



If you’re a true bookworm and reading every night is an important part of ending your day, having a comfortable luminaire for reading is especially important. Comfortable means both the ease of handling and comfort to the eye that the luminaire has, thus also the color of the light. The luminaire in the office or study desk, which we also use for reading, should have a slightly colder light. This keeps us alert and focused, but the reading luminaire in the bedroom should have a warm light (2700K), especially for evening reading. By handling convenience I mean a luminaire that can be moved up and down, right and left as needed, and the head of the luminaire should be movable in any direction. If we could award the best reading luminaire based on our user experience and customer feedback over the years, the it would surely be Artemide Tolomeo wall luminaire. In addition to the legendary and often award-winning Tolomeo, Artiemide also offers a built-in warm LED light wall luminaire, which is very easy to handle and suitable for lover of a more minimalist line, the Demetra wall luminaire. The big advantage of both luminaires is that they do not require a wall cable, both are supplied with an electrical plug. Another advantage of the Demetra and Tolomeo LED versions is that both luminaires are adjustable by means of a dimmer on the head, i.e. the luminaire can either be dimmed up or down.

But of course not everyone reads in bed, some prefer to do it in a comfortable armchair or laying on the couch or perhaps listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Therefore, the hyper-adjustable and movable luminaire is not that important for everyone. If you do not read in the bedroom at all, then the following is simple; I recommend using luminaires, whose main purpose is to fit into the bedroom interior and provide a comfortable, cozy light. However, if you still want to read or browse a magazine at times, but the luminaire could be more minimalistic, we recommend luminaires that are, at least to some degree, directional. Luminaires of such type do however not draw too much attention and provide enough light, so that using it to read for a short time, do not make anyone feel uncomfortable. The advantage of such luminaires is that, since the head is rather small and the light directed, they do not over-illuminate the room and facilitate reading also when the person next to you is trying to fall asleep. This type of luminaire is offered in various examples by the Spanish luminaire manufacturer Marset, as a surface version of Ledtube R, or recessed – Ledtube, which recently came out with a USB version, that lets you conveniently charge your phone, smart watch, or any other smart device. With a slightly longer reach and wider light beam, the No8 reading luminaire allows you to choose between oak or wenge trimmed head for a cozy and warm feel.

There are also situations where wall luminaires should enable us to read, but also provide the bedroom with a cozy overall light. If so, it is reasonable to use luminaires that have both a dome and a separate reading luminaire. In most cases, these luminaires have two switches so that one or both lights can be used simultaneously. Egoluce’s range includes the Alba wall luminaire, which with its white finish and minimalist line fits well into modern bedrooms. The LEDS C4 luminaire Gamma is also lightweight and has a minimalist design. Spanish manufacturer LEDS C4 also offers a range of classical lines such as BUC wall luminaire, whose bronze finish is also suitable for a more luxurious and classic bedroom.

Another solution is a dimmable dome light, which, when glowing through the dome, shines a nice cozy light, while by directing the light we can conveniently guide the light stream on a book or magazine.

I have highlighted but a few of the hundreds of bedroom wall luminaires that we offer in our selection. You can check out the larger selection in our online store, but a full overview of the selection can be found in our showroom, where you can also discuss with our lighting experts on site to find the perfect luminaire for your bedroom. You can also write to us via email and we will help you find the best solution for you.

In addition to wall luminaires, a suitable reading lightning in the bedroom could also be a desk, floor and why not, pendant luminaires, but about those we will talk about in another post. In the meantime, we await to your visit!


Liisa Johanna Luts
Sales and Marketing Manager
Laterna Magica Lighting showroom



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