In the much-loved district of Kalamaja, there is a special home that is illuminated by luminaries from the Laterna Magica Lighting Store. The owners of the apartment contacted us when the interior design had been pretty much finalised, the wiring had been installed and the future locations of the light fittings had been specified. The owner, who had exquisite taste, trusted the experts working at our store completely, and a lighting concept for the whole apartment was suggested based on harmonising with the existing furniture and being tailored to the inhabitants and the home itself.

Since these rooms did not have high ceilings, a flush-mount luminary from Vistosi’s Giogali range, which includes glass hooks that are all individually hand made in Venice, was selected for illuminating the cosy sofa area in the living room. The smoky handicraft glass and golden frame were exactly the elements required to add warmth and a sense of peaceful and discreet luxury to the room.


Generally speaking, the interior of the modern apartment utilised much marble. Since the combination of marble and gold is currently a true favourite in interior design around the world, we decided together that the dining table luminary could have a modern design, with a golden finish at the same time. Nemo’s Wind pendant light that was chosen, as it offered the perfect solution in regard to its form and functionality. Since the light’s ceiling mounting was separate from the hangers, this solved the problem of the electrical wire not being placed exactly at the right position above the table.

As the family values good wine, the illumination of the wine shelves and the bar was an important task. To continue with the existing modern luxury and marble theme, Lee Broom’s Chamber luminaries made from Carrara marble and surrounded with crystal glass were selected above the bar. These natural materials fit perfectly with the modern, yet still warm and homely, interior design of the apartment.

The corridor that spans across the whole apartment displays several art works, including an abstract painting by Silver Koppel, which seemed to have been created for the purpose of being surrounded by Nemo’s Tubes wall lights. The combination of white and gold and the angular forms melt into a singularity and illuminate the corridor as well as the painting.

The main bedroom is illuminated using TossB’s Round Control light, the light of which is reflected off the ceiling, and thus offers a sufficiently bright, but at the same time pleasantly peaceful and soft, light. In addition to the beautiful designer lights on the nightstands, we added Contard’s Flexiled spot lights as wall lights for comfortable reading. At the same time, spot lights are accommodating in situations where one person wishes to read and the other to sleep. The illumination of the wardrobe located in the bedroom is also important, since in a windowless room, where one has to be able to operate and see well on a daily basis, a correct lighting solution is extremely important. BPM Lighting’s Klimt projectors were selected, since they can be directed at the important areas, while, at the same time, the light is sufficient to achieve wide-angle general lighting. The projectors have a golden interior that harmonises with the interior design of the apartment and adds warmth to these otherwise technical lighting devices.

In the selection of the luminaries for the children’s room, the playroom and the guest room, it was important to ensure that the lights would supply sufficient lighting, have a pleasing design and be functional. The luminaries located by the beds can also be directed to ensure comfortable reading.



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