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  • Antidark Designline Tube Pro spot


    Exclusive spot serie for Designline.
    The new spots com with an extra front ring in brass and a filter/ Honey comb.
    Honey comb is a filter to avoid glare.
    Available in these variants:
    Is suitable for projects, as you can change the look of the lamp by changing the frontring.
    NB! Spots fit to special Designline track, please contact: info@laterna.ee to get more information.

  • SLV Bima 2 spot for 3-PHASE track


    Double-headed adjustable high-voltage spot BIMA 2 with suitable adapter for the 240V 3-phase track system. The luminaire is made of aluminium and has a GU10 socket installed which makes it suitable for both halogen and LED lamps. Both lamp heads are separately adjustable.

  • SLV Bima 1 spot for 3-PHASE track


    Adjustable high-voltage spot BIMA 1 with suitable adapter for the 240V 3-phase track system. The luminaire is made of aluminium and, thanks to the GU10 socket, is suitable for both halogen and LED lamps.

  • SLV Inda Wall/Ceiling Lamp


    The adjustable high-voltage luminaire spot INDA is made from aluminium and designed for halogen lamps with GU10 socket. Available in matt white, matt black, wine red and brushed aluminium colour version, INDA is ready for direct connection to 230V mains supply. This luminaire is suitable for lamps of energy classes: E – A++

  • TossB Rozetta Ceiling Lamp


    A sober design, with just the right dimensions and a wide range of possibilities. The E27 fitting allows you a free choice of light source. The most popular option is the globe lamp, but the rozetta works equally well with Par lamps, filling your space with stylish light at a reasonable price.

  • Artemide Boalum LED Table Lamp


    Born in 1970 by Livio Castiglioni and Gianfranco Frattini, and defined by Domus as “a snake of endless light”, it immediately became part of the history of Italian and world design.   Its structure in translucent flexible PVC, reinforced and with resin terminals, makes it virtually indestructible. The various elements can be connected in series up to a maximum of four pieces can be rolled up as desired. It emits a diffused light and its timeless design makes it an evergreen suitable for all environments.   Thanks to its flexibility, that makes it unique in the form, it can be placed on the ground or on a table, hung or twisted to invent new games of light every day.   Produced from 1970 to 1983 and slightly modified in 1999, today it has been rebuilt replacing the classic light bulbs with high efficiency LEDs. Boalum is part of numerous collections of design museums, starting with the Museum of Modern Art in Philadelphia or the Museum of Italian Design in Milan. Several elements can be connected to each other up to a maximum of 4 Boalum, for a total development of about 8 meters.


    1975 – BIO 5 – Honour Nomination Ljubljana (Slovenia)