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  • Beneito Faure Nox Wall Lamp


    30W matt black and white surface mounted LED mini spotlight. Designed for indoor use (IP20).
    It has many accessories included that allow to have 18 products in one thanks to the multiple combinations.
    3 colour temperatures that can be changed with a single click to choose the right temperature for each occasion (2700K, 3000K, 4000K) thanks to the CCT Switch technology.
    3 different angles (15º, 38º and 60º) that can be changed by turning the front of the product. CUT OFF: available in black and white, you can combine it and put a different color to give a more modern effect.
    Ideal projector to be placed in high areas thanks to its power and an angle that can be closed thanks to the parabolas. It has a parabola and on top of the LED it has an optic with a “water drop” effect that provides uniformity of light and a lower UGR.