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  • Marset FollowMe Portable Light


    Portable and rechargeable, FollowMe is a table lamp that can be taken wherever you go. Because of its small, warm, and self-contained character, it is ideal both indoors and outdoors. It also works in restaurants and terraces that have no access to electrical outlets, or to replace candlelight.

    The oak handle beckons you to pick it up. Compact and small, it almost looks like a personal accessory. With a swinging lampshade made of white polycarbonate, it boasts a fresh, luminous look. It comes with LED technology and a dimmer. The battery is built-in, and it has a USB port for recharging.

    5 hours in peak power
    10 hours in half power
    20 hours in a quarter power
    Battery charging time: 10h.


    Reddot award 2016

    NB! Only charging cable included (USB to USB-C switch). An additional wall adapter can be purchased separately.

  • Nemo Tubes 2 Wall Lamp


    Family of suspension, wall and ceiling lamps, made with tubular elements for objects with a strong and essential design that is expressed through pure forms.
    The wall versions are in extruded aluminum rotatable and adjustable and are also available with push dimmer installed directly on the lamp (Tubes 1/2).
    In the ceiling version the ceiling element rotates 340 °, while the other cylinder can be rotated by 90 °.
    Available in different color versions, monotin or with two matching colors.
    Opal plexiglass diffusers.

  • 101CPH Drop Suspension Lamp


    The Drop Series is a family of drop shaped lampshades, with great flexibility through adjustable lampshades.

    The lamp is inspired by Danish Modernism and the 1950s iconic and experimental approach to lamp design.

    The drop shaped lampshade ensures and optimizes light diffusion, while the underside of brass gives the room a warm lighting.

    The Drop Pendant Chandeliers detailed suspension is inspired by industrial and maritime references, and beautifully crafted in oxidized brass and subsequent hand brushed. Metal rose  version- the lampshades is made from perforated metal plates, which adds a shimmering quality to the lighting.

    The lamps many arms create countless variations, which can be customized to any room. Suitable for rooms with a height of 230-320 cm.

  • Marset Ledtube A Wall light


    The Ledtube has long been one of the most functional products in the collection, a reading light with a beam that has the clear purpose of illuminating without disturbing. It has no glare and its light can be pointed in any direction. It’s so easy to use that it’s almost instinctive, and so versatile that you hardly notice it’s there if you don’t use it.

    Several versions of the Ledtube have been released: the original, the mini, the USB and the surface mount. Now we present a new surface edition, just as functional but more compact. The switch is integrated in the base, maximum ergonomic design, with absolute flexibility to move it in any direction. The Ledtube A also incorporates the honeycomb louvre that traps peripheral light in all directions and prevents glare.

    Available in four finishes: matt black and white, aluminium and bronze.

  • TossB Dice S-1/S-2 Suspension Lamp


    A playful collection consisting of glass opal white spheres and an aluminium housing. Because of the different lengths of the housing, you can play with the numbers of spheres. It gives you a freedom of making a nice composition for each room. Available in white and black. The DICE can be used as a ceiling, wall or hanging fixture.

    Be creative and just roll the dice to take a chance.

  • Vistosi Riflesso SP Suspension Lamp


    Soap bubbles, childhood memories.
    The LED light passes through a glass bubble to refract on a mirror in a game of continuous rebounds.
    Glass is not only a diffuser, but also an almost invisible intermediary between the light source and the reflecting element.
    The simplicity and lightness of glass become the main features in three different sinuous shapes of suspensions and table version enriched by crystal, smoke, amber and light amethyst tones.
    Gold and copper finishes.

    Options for the glass and frame finish:
    glass finish: amber/transparent, white/transparent, crystal/transparent, smoky/transparent, light amethyst/transparent
    frame finish: matt gold, matt copper

  • Linea Light Straight_P1 Suspension Lamp


    Linear essence. One or three extra thin light lines, freely combinable suspension. With its simplicity, everything is stylishly minimal. Materials: white or black wrinkled coating setting, polycarbonate diffuser.

  • Marset FollowMe colors Portable Light


    Few lamps have caused as much buzz as FollowMe. This daring pioneer of portable lighting has become a design icon in just a few short years.

    Its simple, airy lines, its tilting shade and its varying light intensity have established it as a beautiful and practical lamp. Now, FollowMe takes a step further by offering an expanded collection with several colours: pink, blue, terracotta and green. The handle is still made of wood, painted in this case

    The new FollowMe colors provide multiple possibilities: pink and blue, whose soft colors and gentle light invite serenity, are ideal for children’s rooms or pastel design themes, while the more intense and sophisticated green and terracotta add a spot of bold color to any environment.

    A new, fun and colorful collection of this charismatic lamp, where the hardest thing might be deciding which one you like best.

    5 hours in peak power
    10 hours in half power
    20 hours in a quarter power
    Battery charging time: 10h.


    Reddot award 2016

    NB! Only charging cable included (USB to USB-C switch). An additional wall adapter can be purchased separately.

  • Marset Aura Wall Lamp


    A simple household item kickstarted the design process of the Aura wall lamp. This decorative lamp, which provides outstanding light while turn on but stands out beautifully while off as well, was inspired by the traditional glass carafe, a mainstay of households the world over.
    The Aura follows an emotional design, because of what glass means in the collective memory, as well as a rational and contemporary design because it draws on LED technology to achieve efficiency and subtlety. The opalescent, transparent, or coloured glass of its lampshade allows the light to bathe the wall and creates a luminous effect without harshness, while also generating a point of interest in the space.

    Building on the existing Aura collection is a new 25 cm version to offer lighting solutions for larger spaces. Now, with two sizes to choose from, you’ll always be able to select the Aura that best fits the proportions and scale of your space.

  • Marset Ledtube R Wall light


    For almost ten years, the Ledtube has been one of the most iconic products in the Marset collection: a headboard lamp with a powerful, movable beam of light that’s an archetype due to its functionality and ability to blend with any space.

    Its ergonomic design beckons you to move it and its use is very intuitive. When opened, it turns on automatically; when closed, it turns off.

    The newest version of Ledtube builds on years of improvements, and features a honeycomb grill that traps peripheral light in all directions, avoiding glare.

    Available in four finishes – matte black, matte white, aluminium, and bronze – it captures the rigor of a well-designed product that’s highly functional and addresses an unresolved problem in contract projects.

    An ingenious lamp that has lit up rooms in countless hotels – in several of them as a certified product – to provide company during the best part of the day: when it’s time to relax and read before sleep.

  • Ai Lati Lights Dama Pro Portable Light


    Lightweight and practical, it is ideal for use in any context and surroundings. Its IP54 protection rating makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
    Dama comes in two colours: matt white or black. It is available in two versions: with or without a USB port at the side for charging mobile devices. It is dimmable with a touch button at the top. The battery has a life of 9 hours unless  the charging mobile devices function is used

  • The Light Group Qi Allround 360° Recessed Ceiling Lamp


    Qi Allround 360° looks just as good no matter how you adjust it. Tilts 30° in all directions (360°). Can be mounted directly in the insulation, all the way up to the moisture barrier. No installation box required.