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  • Artemide Eggboard Matrix suspension Lamp -50%


    Eggboard Matrix – 1600×800 – Direct + Indirect – 4000K – grey – dimmable
    Fantastic office luminaire damaged during transport (repairable). New! -50%
    Available: 1 pc

  • Artemide Miconos Wall Lamp -50%


    Artemide Miconos wall light LED 12W E27
    Available: 1 pc

  • Artemide Pipe LED Wall/Ceiling Lamp -27%


    2700K / 1763lm / dimmable / LED 27W
    Available: 1 pc

  • ARTEMIDE Demetra Micro Table lamp -34%


    Demetra Micro table lamp, LED 2700K, glossy black, 6W, 241lm
    Available: 1 pc

  • Artemide Pausania TW Table Lamp -50%


    Artemide Pausania table lamp, LED 10W
    Available: 1 pc

  • Artemide Cadmo Floor Lamp -33%


    Cadmo floor lamp, black and white, 230W + 20W
    Available: 1 pc

  • Artemide Talo 90 Led Wall Lamp -25%


    32W led 3000K Push dim
    Finish: silver
    Available: 1tk

  • Artemide Discovery Space Rectangular Suspension Lamp


    Discovery is an unobtrusive, utterly absent and immaterial element. Its volume is only perceived when switched on,thanks to the light that outlines the central emitting surface.The result is a uniform light, ideal for working environments. The company’s great optoelectronic skills, combined with a thorough culture of design and with technological know-how, produces a perfectly all-purpose and surprising solution, which translates innovation into emotional perception.

  • Artemide Bontà Portable Lamp


    A portable lamp explores the connection between light, food and conviviality. It’s a portable lamp that interacts with objects on the table.

    A body made from white textured milk glass, diffuses the light, creating a relaxed atmosphere, while the upper recess is home to a glass bowl

    designed to hold food for sharing. This can be combined or alternated with a taller bowl and wider one – almost a plate – at the top.

    The bowls – and the lamp itself – are made from hand-worked glass, making them unique pieces whose texture, transparency and colour generate a special dialogue between light and food, blurring the boundaries between them.

    Maximum attention to detail has been shown in order to do justice to the object itself and the other elements with which it interacts.

    Light plays a key role in creating the perfect atmosphere, interacting with other elements on the table and promoting sharing and conviviality.

  • Artemide La Linea Wall/Ceiling Lamp


    BIG’s idea is once again transposed into a product that looks basic, but is rich of technological innovation instead, thanks to the know-how of Artemide. La Linea is a flexible tube of light, capable to freely twist and turn in space according to undefined geometries. It easily fits into indoor and outdoor spaces, with fixing elements concealed inside its section, and enables countless applications in a broad variety of locations by leveraging on an unprecedented combination of factors, including quality of light, IP protection grade, flexibility, modularity. Through its mechanical and structural characteristics, it can easily adjust to extreme climatic conditions and resist to weather agents and high minimum and maximum temperatures (from -20°C to +40°C).

    La Linea turns light into an ideal fixture for outdoor spaces, architectures, parks, or public and urban areas  to requalify common spaces, create social and engaging landscapes, and promote relations between people and their surroundings.


    Winners of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2019 – Lighting Category,

    Winners of Wallpapers Design Awards 2020,

    Winners of Bo Bedre Design Awards 2020 – Lighting Category

    The price of the luminaire does not include the power supply nor driver and the price of it will be added to the price of the luminaire. You can find out about power supplies and dimming options here:


    When installing the luminaire, it is necessary to take into account that the power supply must be visually hidden behind the wall / ceiling.

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