101CPH Pivot Table Lamp


Pivot is a simple and yet refined lamp design, that gives the user the ability to project light on a certain object or space. Pivot can be sed to highlight all kinds of objects, such as art pieces, sculptures, flowers, and plants. Pivot can also be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room, and especially to play with the contrast between light and shadows.

Pivot consists of a rotating aluminum lampshade, mounted directly to a square shaped Iron base. Both objects are designed with precision to fit each other and enable the lampshade to rotate smoothly. The lamp is plated in a brushed bronze color, to create a warm and inviting light.

Pivot is the French word of an object turning around its own axe or center point.

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    The Clam Series is a family table lamps, where the two lampshades surround the light, creating a fascinating graduation between direct and indirect lighting.

    The minimalistic lamp consists of a lamp base and two identical lampshades, with a wreath that fits the lamp base.

    The flexible lampshade can be positioned according to the user’s needs, where it is possible to change direct and indirect lighting.

    The flexible lamp can be used both as a table- or floor lamp with the possibility of exciting lighting.

    The Clam lamp is available Brass, Burned Black and Oxidized (Dark Grey) version.

    Cable length: 200 cm

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    The almost eclipse-like feeling contributes to an intimate and cozy atmosphere creating an art piece in itself.

    By challenging the material and form of the base the Dusk and Dawn lamps has become a new way of presenting and integrate light design in interior schemes.

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