BPM Mini Alba Ceiling lamp -50%


312mm anodized grey 6,5W led 3000K, a separate transformer comes with the luminaire
Available: 1 pc

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    The SEDO 21 wall light is made of brushed aluminium and fitted with a frosted glass cover. The integrated 22 Watt SMD LED produces a powerful lighting effect which is comparable with fluorescent tubes. The in-built LED driver allows it to be directly connected to the 230V mains supply.

  • Artemide Alphabet Of Light Linear 120 Wall/Ceiling Lamp


    Alphabet of light is a language based on light intended to convey freedom, an elementary principle generating an open system. BIG starts from an abacus of essential geometries to design a new font that translates into light, an alphabet used to write and to express one’s thoughts, a tool to give shape to spaces. It allows to design light in space with words, as well as with graphic signs. Two linear elements of different lengths and two round ones are combined with a system of letters, numbers, and symbols. The round elements, available in two diameters, can be separated into modules to join the linear elements together according to different angles, thus designing everchanging geometries. These simple base modules, with specific geometric proportions, can be combined with each other to create countless basic or more complex, linear or curved structures of light, thus producing suspension appliances matching with architectures or space functions. The idea of BIG joins the optoelectronic competence of Artemide to define an innovative construction principle and provide continuous and comfortable lighting. While it has a minimal presence, it encloses groundbreaking patented optoelectronic and mechanical innovation.

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