Linea Light Baby Marge table lamp


A table lamp with a lively, dramatic and captivating personality. Baby Marge needs no wires as it is induction charged. The RGB version has a controller to adjust the colours and brightness of its LEDs. The diffuser is in white linear polyethylene, obtained via rotational moulding, for optimal diffused lighting. Extremely resistant to dust and damp, designed to satisfy the most modern and sophisticated tastes, Baby Marge can be used both for residential lighting and in hotels.

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  • Beneito Faure Converse Lightning Portable Light


    Light source – 2.5 W LED, built-in.

    2700K / 5500K – adjustable

    It has a battery life of 4 to 5 hours.

    Rechargeable via a micro USB charger – Charging time 4-5 hours

  • Marset FollowMe Portable Light


    Portable and rechargeable, FollowMe is a table lamp that can be taken wherever you go. Because of its small, warm, and self-contained character, it is ideal both indoors and outdoors. It also works in restaurants and terraces that have no access to electrical outlets, or to replace candlelight.

    The oak handle beckons you to pick it up. Compact and small, it almost looks like a personal accessory. With a swinging lampshade made of white polycarbonate, it boasts a fresh, luminous look. It comes with LED technology and a dimmer. The battery is built-in, and it has a USB port for recharging.

    5 hours in peak power
    10 hours in half power
    20 hours in a quarter power
    Battery charging time: 10h.


    Reddot award 2016

  • ARTEMIDE Come Together Table Lamp


    1999 Sui: “18 portable and rechargeable LEDs. It’s a revolution” 2018 Come together: “A perfect light and up to 16 hours of operation without mains power. A new 2.0 revolution.” Carlotta de Bevilacqua “Artemide sets light free” in 1999 with Sui. Today we can all create our own light in our space, wherever it is, with high lighting performances comparable to traditionally powered lamps, as well as long-term independence from mains power. For optical and grabbing purposes, the profile of Come together is shaped like an instrument capable to accompany man through space. The body is a transparent optical device with gradients to carry and distribute light: it works as an “empty” light pipe for lightness and optical intelligence.

    USB-C port. Li-Po rechargeable battery. Up to 16 hrs battery life. Three different light performances. Max illuminance 1000 lx on task area. Very high efficiency 85%. Smart portability (400 g). Light collimation on white diffuser. Light collimation through a primary optical TIR lens and a secondary internal white reflector.

  • Marset Bicoca Portable Light


    The Bicoca is born with the optimism of brightening life and accompanying the good times, wherever you go. This new colorful, lightweight portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth to all your personal spaces.

    Made of polycarbonate, Bicoca begins with an overlay of basic geometric figures, with a tiltable shade to direct the light. The wide range of shade colors provide an option for any taste and any space. Bicoca is small, manageable, versatile and autonomous.

    Battery life:
    5 hours in peak power
    10 hours in half power
    20 hours in a quarter power
    Battery charging time: 10h