Linea Light Snake Wall Lamp


A curious wall light with a sinuous movement. Snake_W3 is a cute little Snake with a rubber casing and angular lines. Placed near the head of the bed, its excellent flexibility makes it a trusty night-time companion. The efficiency of LED technology combines with the decorative taste of the item. The ideal wall light for lighting residential environments and hotels.

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  • Nemo Tubes 2 Wall Lamp


    Family of suspension, wall and ceiling lamps, made with tubular elements for objects with a strong and essential design that is expressed through pure forms.
    The wall versions are in extruded aluminum rotatable and adjustable and are also available with push dimmer installed directly on the lamp (Tubes 1/2).
    In the ceiling version the ceiling element rotates 340 °, while the other cylinder can be rotated by 90 °.
    Available in different color versions, monotin or with two matching colors.
    Opal plexiglass diffusers.

  • Marset Nº8 Wall light


    A sensual lamp that seduces the senses of sight and touch.

    The Nº8 reading lamp fulfils all the necessary criteria for perfect operation:  efficient light, easy handling, durability, and beauty. It was designed specifically to respond to each of these requirements, resulting in a “well-rounded” fixture that fulfils its mission perfectly.

    The wooden sphere of the Nº 8’s lampshade is handcrafted to make each lamp unique. Its smooth texture has the quality and feel of a billiard ball, while its flexible arm, covered in braided fabric, is a mainstay that improves its look without sacrificing its efficacy.

    The Nº8 was designed to be placed at the head of a bed and add comfort to the bedroom, a place dedicated to restfulness, where a good book is always healthier than a sleeping pill.


  • Linea Light Poe Wall Lamp


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