Linea Light Tara Wall Lamp


Linear wall mounted light fixture in the shape of a minimalist frame with a square of light in the centre. Tara Dimmerable effectively lights the space thanks to the dimmable phase-cut or push-dim light control. The body of the fixture is in embossed white painted aluminium, whereas the diffuser is polymethylmethacrylate. Perfect as decorative lighting in residential environments.

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    Wall mounted light fixture with a minimalist design and enhanced with galvanic finishes in gold, copper, chrome or embossed white. The diffuser part is in extra-clear glass with a non-symmetrical frosted edge. The Aruba family light fixtures are perfect for decorating the living areas of residential environments such as lounges and living rooms.

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    Islet is an applique with a minimal shape but a peculiar poetic lighting effect.Its surface is animated by the light rays escaping from the slits on the front of its structure.Lots of tiny holes across the sheet metal fold let light through. This is reflected on the small wings produced by the folded material.The surfaces multiply reflexes and diffuse light. This results into a varying perception according to the view point, with the concealed or framed perforated area brightened up by the opal glass that hides the LED sources from sight.Opal glass also closes the top and bottom for better light diffusion without glaring.”The idea came when I looked subway air vents in New York City.I want to design lamp which combine manufacturing technology of air vents with emotive pattern. Result is wall light where you can see minimalist landscape with distant islet is reflected in the surface of the water”