Nemo LUX W-S (single) Wall Lamp


LUX W is a spots collection suitable for accent and decorative lighting of façades. Spots are made from anodized aluminium in either natural grey or black finish. Available with single and double light emission and in various colour temperatures and optic beams. The body is rotatable during installation and allows the adjustment of the light to adhere to specific project needs.
The product features a color rendering index higher than 90 and an onboard driver.

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  • Marset Elipse Wall Lamp


    Carefully designed for seamless integration with the façade, wall, porch or architecture of which it forms part, the new Elipse exudes a subtle beauty. Understated and discreet, it places the focus on what it illuminates.

    A simple aluminium tube allows the light to be projected from both its top and bottom. One of the openings features an irregular shape, an aesthetic detail visible when the lamp is off, and that is greatly enhanced when it is on, as a perfect ellipse is traced on the lamp itself and stands out in the midst of the darkness. The other aperture is in a round shape, an unexpected detail that breaks the balance, adding a touch of modernity. It can be installed however one prefers, with the uneven opening upwards or downwards.

    The interior of the tube is white and, when illuminated, the light grows and comes alive. In the outdoor darkness the lamp itself almost disappears, and all that remains is the light.

    Available in a single 44-cm size, in graphite grey o brown.

  • SLV Sitra Wall Lamp


    The single-headed SITRA wall light is made of aluminium and structured glass, which covers the LED light source. It is suitable for use outdoors thanks to its IP44 protection class. The electrical connection of the luminaire, which comes in two colours, is made directly to the 230V mains supply. The SITRA series also contains double-headed wall lights and can therefore be used universally.

  • SLV Photonia Wall Lamp


    The PHOTONIA wall light is made from aluminium and transparent glass, which completely encloses the lamp. Thanks to the position of the built-in sockets, the installed luminaire produces a homogeneous cone of light. With protection class IP55, it is suitable for outdoor use. The electrical connection is made directly to the 230V mains supply.

  • Artemide Obice Wall/Ceiling Lamp


    Lights fixture with high-performance LED light sources. Wall installation. Composed by: body, adjustable joint, terminal board and protective screen. Body in injection mould of aluminium. Terminal base and adjustable joint in injection mould of aluminium. Flange, protection screen in tempered glass, 4mm-thick, with black opal serigraphy. 24Vdc remote driver. White monochromatic LEDs available in 2 colour temperatures: Warm = 3000K Neutral = 4000K Tilting angle +35°/-125° Rotation on horizontal axis: 359°. Wiring to be carried out by means of a plug located in the terminal base. IP Rating IP65. Insulation class I (Obice), insulation class III (Obice mini). Technical features of light fixtures in compliance with EN60598-1. Installation must be carried out by specialized personnel. Carefully follow the instructions.