TossB Mini Disk Suspension Lamp


A large saucer of golden light, gently diffusing throughout your room, like the shimmering sound of a gong. As a hanging lamp above a table, the ‘disk’ creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, almost as if you were sitting in a secluded alcove. By adjusting the height of the ‘disk’ above the floor, you can vary the overall strength of the lighting. Brilliant rays of bright light will flood over all your interior surfaces. The ‘disk’ can also be used as a wall or ceiling lamp.

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    Spot collection with an emphasis on technique and mobility. Every part has a definite function, which provides for a candid and non-intrusive design. Because of this, ‘big bang’ fits in any possible environment, which makes application easy. In brushed aluminium finish, ‘big bang’ creates a bold ‘industrial’ impression. Then again, in enamel finish, its elegant fluent lines are emphasised.

  • TossB Boomer Suspension Lamp


    Boomer’s minimalistic shape looks like a frozen movement. Its waved shape creates an elegant contrast with the architectural lines of interiors and objects. It can be hung horizontally in balance or at an angle out of balance. A group of lamps enhances the characteristic curves. Boomer can be placed directly above a dining table, home or office workspace. The highly efficient led-light smoothly curves along with the lamp shape. The lenght of the fixture is 1450mm. The price is for a single fixture, if you wish to receive a price offer for a double fixture, please write to us.

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