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  • Artemide Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp – with table base


    Base and cantilevered arms in polished aluminium; diffuser in anodised aluminium; joints and supports in polished aluminium. System of spring balancing.  Possibility to mount LED source on E14 Socket


    1989 Compasso d’Oro / A.D.I. Milano (Italia)

    1987 SNAI Oscar des Architectes d’Intérieur Paris (France)

    1987 Haus Industrieform Deutschland2001 Observeur du design Produit sélectionné – A.P.C.I. Paris (France)

    2001 Observeur du design Produit sélectionné – A.P.C.I. Paris (France)

  • Artemide Tolomeo Micro Wall Lamp


    Cantilevered arms in polished aluminium; diffuser in anodised aluminium; joints and wall support in polished aluminium.

  • Artemide Choose Wall Lamp – IP23


    The design of the transparent antistatic polycarbonate diffuser is embellished with vertical internal slits,
    which, as well as giving it greater aesthetic value, also allow a better light diffusion. The diffuser is covered
    by parchment paper; grey painted metal structure.

  • Vistosi Peggy AP Wall Lamp


    White and black.
    From this chromatic and material polarity Peggy was born.
    This lighting design combines the lightness of glossy white blown glass, entirely handmade, with the liveliest character of the glossy metal black or antique brass.
    The effective combination communicates rationality and elegance at the same time.

    Options for the glass and frame finish:
    glass finish: glossy white
    frame finish: antique brass, glossy black

  • 101CPH Drop Bulp Wall Lamp


    With its decorative charm, the Drop Wall Lamp is an extension of the Drop Chandelier Collection.

    The lamp is characterised by the same lighting fixtures and circular opal glass lampshades as the Drop Chandelier.

    Drop Wall elegantly brightens the room and becomes a sculptural object on the wall.

  • 101CPH Drop Suspension Lamp


    The Drop Series is a family of drop shaped lampshades, with great flexibility through adjustable lampshades.

    The lamp is inspired by Danish Modernism and the 1950s iconic and experimental approach to lamp design.

    The drop shaped lampshade ensures and optimizes light diffusion, while the underside of brass gives the room a warm lighting.

    The Drop Pendant Chandeliers detailed suspension is inspired by industrial and maritime references, and beautifully crafted in oxidized brass and subsequent hand brushed. Metal rose  version- the lampshades is made from perforated metal plates, which adds a shimmering quality to the lighting.

    The lamps many arms create countless variations, which can be customized to any room. Suitable for rooms with a height of 230-320 cm.

  • 101CPH Pivot Table Lamp


    Pivot is a simple and yet refined lamp design, that gives the user the ability to project light on a certain object or space. Pivot can be sed to highlight all kinds of objects, such as art pieces, sculptures, flowers, and plants. Pivot can also be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room, and especially to play with the contrast between light and shadows.

    Pivot consists of a rotating aluminum lampshade, mounted directly to a square shaped Iron base. Both objects are designed with precision to fit each other and enable the lampshade to rotate smoothly. The lamp is plated in a brushed bronze color, to create a warm and inviting light.

    Pivot is the French word of an object turning around its own axe or center point.

  • 101CPH Stingray Suspension Lamp


    You almost feel the movement of the Drop Chandelier. As a free flowing sculpture it takes in the space and insists on a life of its own – just like the floating movement of Stingray fish which is the inspiration behind the design of the lampshades. While The Drop Chandelier collection honors modernist lamp designs of the 1950s, it also celebrates an experimental, innovative approach with its gently curving shades and 14 flexible and functional adjustable arms – creating countless options, variations and angles. The beautifully crafted oxidized, plated and perforated metal body is subsequently hand brushed and the lamp brightens up the room elegantly with a warm, pleasant light.

  • Marset Tam Tam Wall light


    This wall version with one or two shades (22cm Ø) that can rotate through 360º. Versatile and cheerful, they invite you to play with colours: black, off-white, orange, brown, green, sand or blue, with the base plate always in off-white.
    The Tam Tam is made to fit your environment, spreading light wherever you place them. The single shade fixture has an incorporated switch and is perfect as a bedside lamp, while the double shade version is great for corridors and general spaces.
    They may be small, but they’re just as mighty as their big brothers. The Tam Tam is smart, attractive, and will bring a smile to your face.

  • Artemide nh 1217 Table Lamp


    nh is a  simple, versatile, practical appliance that can be laid or suspended.
 A white blown glass sphere slides along a brushed brass ring, which allows it to take different positions and to freely adjust and direct the diffuser. The frame becomes a support, a hook to hang the appliance to the wall, or a handle promoting an interaction with light.
nh continues research on the dynamic interaction of experience, details, materials, form, and light that Neri&Hu are pursuing with Artemide. The selected materials represent a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, as well as the expression of responsible and sustainable design, also conveyed by the use of an in-box low-consumption retrofit LED source and by the eco-friendly cardboard packaging.