Approximately 40,000 square meters of exhibition space and 485 of the world’s best luminaire manufacturers – this was this year Euroluce trade show that celebrated its 29th birthday. It is the industry’s biggest and most important lighting trade show where exclusive design and technological innovation meet. We were there on the spot to get to know the news of the world of luminaires and want to share with you the new trends and innovations that caught our eye.

Last year’s victors were pastel colors, but this year made it clear that bright colors are back. Many manufacturers featured in their lineup brave colors such as red, blue, orange, and green. It featured old design classics in bright colors such as the floor luminaire Parliament designed by Le Corbusier, and also new design luminaires like On Lines by Jean Nouvel, both from Nemo. In addition, what also caught our eye was the large and effective luminaire Bohemia by Marset. The aforementioned luminaire is made special by its hand-made glass feel, but in fact, it is really polycarbonate, which gives the luminaire its great and imposing size but does not make it heavy or cumbersome.

It was a pleasure to see that in addition to outdoor luminaires that have always taken into account nature and plants, this years selection for indoor lighting also used the plant-luminaire symbiosis. The Gople by Artemide, that was specifically created so that plants can grow in spaces without natural light, received an addition to its line-up by new members of the table and floor luminaires. Kundalini also introduced Viceversa, a series of luminaires made so that real plants can be potted inside them. Many of the trade fair booths also used lush green flora in a way which makes it clear that the “indoor nature” is clearly an ongoing trend.

And as always, there were many design elements or motives borrowed from different periods in history. Our favorite was fringes. These luminaires with a retro feel also had a luxurious and cozy effect. Some are reminded by the 1930s, some their grandmother’s cottage in the 1980s, others something else, but in any case, all luminaires sparked the joy of recognizing and rediscovering. The Contardi Arcipelago line has a more modern feel to it and is ideal for a modern interior. However, Marie Martin‘s new collection offers a selection of really special.


In both lighting and in the interior design world as a whole, marble has been the victor for many years and has not moved an inch in the luminaire world either, especially combined with warm metal tones as brass and bronze. However this year featured alabaster alongside marble, and many manufacturers featured luminaires with this exact lustrous pattern. A wider selection of alabaster finishes was available, among others, in the CTO Lighting and Pedret Lighting range. In addition to alabaster, our eye was caught by the onyx stone luminaires made with the similarly incandescent pattern, such as the Masiero’s Honice line.



Pedret Lightning

In addition to decorative design luminaires, the trade show had a large selection of architectural and innovative technical luminaires. While recent years have shown how the tracks, profiles, immersion luminaires and spotlights have shrunk in size and become more minimalist, then now it feels as the maximum has been achieved and the minimalist lighting aficionados have a large and wide selection.

Artemide-Turn Around

The past year has seen the advent of many circular and oval forms, but this year the technical luminaires featured many sleek forms. Artemide introduced decorative light tubes that the designer can use as they please and many new profiles and rail systems that can be bent and formed as needs call for. Looks like that technical lighting does no longer mean only straight lines and angular forms hence fantasy can spread its wings!

Artemide – Interweave


Artemide – La Linea




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