The past year has been another successful one for Artemide and our new products won numerous important awards. We will also introduce these products to you and speak about what makes these luminaires so special.


Interior Design Best of Year Awards 2018 best in the pendant lighting category

Wallpaper Design Award 2019 best in the Life-enhancer of the Year category

Artemide luminaire Gople is best described as almost a reconciliation between human spaces and nature through light. The glass is made using an ancient Venetian technique and its brand new RWB (red-white-blue) technology, which helps to aid plant growth, produces light effects and offers a functional white light.  This is another step and a testimony to the research by Artemide in the quality, color, and effect of light. Gople is the second successful cooperation with the BIG design agency who also designed the Alphabet of Light series.


The Gople luminaire is particularly important for those who want to keep their indoor flora alive during darker seasons since there is little light available in our climate zone during winter periods. The patented RWB (red-white-blue) light system replaces standard RGB (red-green-blue) light, as the new combination is better for both the human psychological and physical well-being. In addition to the white version, the luminaire is also available in silver and copper tone glass. See the selection here.


Compasso d’Oro Award 

When the Discovery luminaire is off, it is just a delicate ring that depicts the void and silence of space. It is an unobtrusive and almost an intangible element in the room. But by turning it on, it becomes a light-filled circle, of which goal is to amaze. Discovery produces a perfectly uniform light that is ideal for home and work environments. Available in both horizontal and vertical pendant lighting and as ceiling and wall luminaires.



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