1. These terms and conditions of sale of the e-shop (hereinafter referred to as “terms of sale”) apply to the legal relations arising between customers and Laterna Magica OÜ ( e-shop) when purchasing goods from the e-shop

2. The owner of the e-shop is Laterna Magica OÜ (registry code 11680831, hereinafter referred to as Laterna Magica), located at F. R. Kreutzwaldi 8, Tallinn, 10124.

3. In addition to these terms of sale, legal relations arising from the purchase of goods from the e-shop is governed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

4. By placing an order and purchasing the goods via the e-shop, the customer (hereinafter referred to as the “customer”) confirms that they have read the terms of sale and undertake to comply with them.


1. Laterna Magica e-shop sells lighting goods offered by Laterna Magica (hereinafter  referred to as “goods”).

2. The prices of the goods are indicated next to the goods at the e-shop. Prices are in euros and include a 20% VAT. The prices shown in the e-shop do not include the cost of transportation, which is calculated separately in the customer’s shopping cart.

3. Laterna Magica reserves the unilateral right to change the prices of the goods. Changes to the price list will take effect once they have been published on the e-shop webpage.

4. When purchasing goods, the customer can choose whether they wish to have the goods delivered or to pick them up from the Laterna Magica flagship store themselves (in case of large goods, the customer should turn to the logistics warehouse, see section 5.2). There will be no added transport cost when the customer chooses to pick up the goods from the store themselves. Laterna Magica reserves the right to change the delivery methods as they see fit.

5. The transportation within the borders of the Republic of Estonia costs 15 EUR, which will be added to the cost of the goods. Orders with a value of more than 500 EUR will be delivered free of charge within the Republic of Estonia and no transport costs will be added.

6. Should the customer require transport outside the Republic of Estonia, they shall contact Laterna Magica beforehand via e-mail ( and Laterna Magica will make a corresponding offer.



1. To order goods, the customer will add the desired goods to the cart by clicking on the “Add to cart” button on the goods page. Goods in the shopping cart can be changed and removed.

2. If the desired goods have been added to the shopping cart, the customer needs to fill in the required data fields on the shopping cart page, as well as select the appropriate delivery method. If the customer wishes to deliver the goods by courier, the exact delivery address must be entered. The customer can then confirm the order.

3. To pay for the products, the client can choose between different payments methods:

a)           via Swedbank, SEB, and Luminor bank links;

b)           ESTO installment plan to pay for the goods by installments;

c)           invoicing. After confirming the order, Laterna Magica will forward the invoice to the e-mail address entered by the customer upon placing the order. The invoice has all the necessary payment terms. Payment for the goods shall be made via bank transfer to the Laterna Magica OÜ’s bank account No. The invoice must be paid within 2 calendar days of placing the order. The order is deemed to be confirmed and the sales agreement between the customer and Laterna Magica concluded upon receipt of the 100% cost of the goods to the Laterna Magica’s bank account. Should the customer fail to pay the invoice on time, the order shall be deemed canceled and Laterna Magica shall not be obliged to execute the order.

4. If the goods ordered by the customer cannot be delivered under circumstances beyond the control of Laterna Magica, Laterna Magica shall immediately inform the customer of this fact. If the customer has already paid for the goods, Laterna Magica will return the cost of the goods to the customer.


1. The expected delivery time of the goods is indicated separately for each item. Usually, the delivery time is 2-6 weeks depending on the goods. In case the customer has ordered goods with different delivery times within one order, the longest term is assumed as the assumed delivery time. If the customer wishes to receive the goods with a shorter delivery time earlier, the customer shall disclose such a request in the “additional information” field or submit the request via e-mail to
2. Laterna Magica will contact the customer if the ordered goods have reached Laterna Magica’s warehouse. According to the delivery method chosen by the customer upon placing the order, the goods shall be delivered as follows:
a)           “Self-pickup” (normal order) – the goods can be picked up by the customer from the Laterna Magica’s flagship store at F. R. Kreutzwaldi 8, Tallinn, on business days from 10:00 to 18:00. When coming to pick up the goods, an e-shop order and an identification document must be presented. If a third party comes to pick up the goods, the customer undertakes to inform Laterna Magica of the fact in advance.
b)           “Self-pickup” (large-scale order) – the customer can pick up the goods from the DSV logistics center at Jälgimäe tee 13, Harju. When coming to pick up the goods, an e-shop order and an identification document must be presented. If a third party comes to pick up the goods, the customer undertakes to inform Laterna Magica of the fact in advance.
c)           “Courier” – the goods are sent to the address indicated by the customer upon placing the order. Laterna Magica uses various transport options to deliver the goods, with the main courier company being DPD.When Laterna Magica has transferred the goods to the courier company, the courier company will contact the customer to specify the delivery time.
3. In the case of “self-pickup” delivery method, the customer undertakes to pick up the goods within ten (10) days after the corresponding notification by Laterna Magica.
4. With the goods, the goods’ transferor (Laterna Magica, courier or the logistics center) will issue an invoice-waybill to the customer that the customer shall sign to confirm that the goods have been received.
5. The customer undertakes to immediately review the received goods and immediately inform Laterna Magica of any identified defects via the e-mail at
1. Upon receipt of the ordered goods, the customer (consumer) shall have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in the e-shop within 14 days. To withdraw, the customer undertakes to forward the application for withdrawal to the e-mail address and agree on the manner and place of return of the goods. The customer may use the standard form when submitting the withdrawal application.
2. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the customer is a legal person.
3. After the withdrawal application is submitted, the customer undertakes to return the purchased goods immediately, but not later than within 14 days from the submission of t
the application. The returned goods must be intact, packaged and unused.
4. The customer shall bear the costs of returning the goods unless the reason for the return is that the goods to be returned do not correspond to the ordered one (e.g. an incorrect or defective item).
5. If the customer has lawfully withdrawn from the agreement and returned the goods, Laterna Magica will refund the cost of the goods to the customer within 14 days of receipt of the goods.
6. If the returned goods have deteriorated, Laterna Magica shall have the right to offset the decrease in the value of the goods by the amount paid by the customer for the goods from the sum to be returned to the customer.
1. Laterna Magica shall be responsible for the non-compliance of the goods with the terms of the goods sold to the customer via the e-shop, which existed at the moment of delivery of the goods, and which occurs within two years from the delivery of the goods to the customer (consumer). Within the first six months of delivery of the goods to the customer (consumer), it is assumed that non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract existed at the time of delivery unless such a presumption conflicts with the nature of the goods or defect.
2. Laterna Magica is not responsible for:
a)           deterioration/damage of goods that occurred due to the fault of the customer;
b)           defects caused by the improper use of the goods;
c)           normal wear and tear in normal use.
3. Should a defect occur the customer (consumer) may send a complaint to the email address within two months of the occurrence of the defect. Laterna Magica will respond to the complaint in writing or in a format that can be reproduced in writing within 15 days of receipt.
4. In the event of a technological defect, the customer has the right to demand the repair of the goods, or, if repair is not possible, the replacement of the goods. If the replacement and/or repair is not possible within a reasonable period of time, the customer has the right to demand the refund of the money paid for the goods.
1. The customer and Laterna Magica shall resolve all pertinent differences and disputes related to e-shop, and goods first and foremost via negotiations. If no agreement can be reached, the dispute shall be resolved according to the procedure provided by the legislature in force in the Republic of Estonia.
2. In the event of a dispute between the parties regarding the non-compliance of the goods with the terms of the agreement and the dispute cannot be resolved by agreement, the customer may address the Consumer Disputes Committee. The Consumer Disputes Committee is competent to settle disputes arising from the agreement between the customer and Laterna Magica. The rules of procedure are available on the website of the Consumer Protection Board at
1. All personal data of the customer that has become known during the visit and while making purchases on the website shall be treated as confidential information. The principal processor of personal data of the e-store is Laterna Magica OÜ.
2. Laterna Magica uses the personal data (including name, phone number, address, e-mail address, bank details) entered by the customer only for processing the order and sending the goods to the customer. Laterna Magica transmits personal information to transport companies to deliver the goods. Laterna Magica transmits the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.
3. Laterna Magica has the right to send the customer newsletters and offers to the customer’s e-mail address only if the customer has given their consent through the e-shop or in any other form. The customer can at any time unsubscribe from the offers and newsletters sent to their e-mail by notifying Laterna Magica via e-mail.
4. Laterna Magica reserves the right to change the terms of sale unilaterally. Changes to the terms of sale shall come into effect when they are published on the e-shop website.
5. Issues not regulated in these terms of sale shall be governed by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.