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  • Antidark Designline Tube Pro spot


    Exclusive spot serie for Designline.
    The new spots com with an extra front ring in brass and a filter/ Honey comb.
    Honey comb is a filter to avoid glare.
    Available in these variants:
    Is suitable for projects, as you can change the look of the lamp by changing the frontring.
    NB! Spots fit to special Designline track, please contact: info@laterna.ee to get more information.

  • 101CPH Stingray Suspension Lamp


    You almost feel the movement of the Drop Chandelier. As a free flowing sculpture it takes in the space and insists on a life of its own – just like the floating movement of Stingray fish which is the inspiration behind the design of the lampshades. While The Drop Chandelier collection honors modernist lamp designs of the 1950s, it also celebrates an experimental, innovative approach with its gently curving shades and 14 flexible and functional adjustable arms – creating countless options, variations and angles. The beautifully crafted oxidized, plated and perforated metal body is subsequently hand brushed and the lamp brightens up the room elegantly with a warm, pleasant light.

  • 101CPH Drop Bulp Wall Lamp


    With its decorative charm, the Drop Wall Lamp is an extension of the Drop Chandelier Collection.

    The lamp is characterised by the same lighting fixtures and circular opal glass lampshades as the Drop Chandelier.

    Drop Wall elegantly brightens the room and becomes a sculptural object on the wall.

  • 101CPH Clam Wall Lamp


    Characterized by its two opposing lampshade, Clam celebrates the contrasts between direct and indirect lighting.

    Inspired by the shape of a clam, the gently curved metal screens hide the lightsource, while smoothly reflecting the light to both sides.

    Clam Wall Lamp is the newest addition to the Clam collection, featuring a single lampshade turned towards the wall itself.

    Creating an almost eclipse like effect, the Clam Wall lamp creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

  • 101CPH Drop Mini Suspension Lamp


    The Drop Series is a family of drop shaped lampshades, with great flexibility through adjustable lampshades. The lamp is inspired by Danish Modernism and the 1950s iconic and experimental approach to lamp design. The drop shaped lampshade ensures and optimizes light diffusion, while the underside of brass gives the room a warm lighting. Drop Chandelier Mini is the newest addition to the Drop collection, and is approximately half the size of the original Drop Chandelier. The lampshades can be adjusted in multiple different angles, enabling the user to create a specific and unique atmosphere. Suitable for rooms with a height of 230-320 cm.

  • 101CPH No. 2 Suspension Lamp


    No. 2 is a Pendant lamp with an Art Deco inspired socket detail. The opal glass bulb creates a warm lighting, while the vertical lines on the socket adds a shimmering quality to the lamp.

    No. 2 is all about details and proportions. The final design is result of many small adjustments and proposals, from where suggestion Nr. 2 was chosen.

    No. 2 can be used as a single pendant or in a collection of many pendants together.

  • 101CPH Mushroom Floor Lamp


    The Mushroom Table Lamp is inspired by the archetypal fungus form, consisting of a lamp base in brushed brass and a lampshade in smoked glass.

    The lamp socket is stored in the lamp base, giving the lamp a simple and light expression.

    The lampshade of smoked glass is easily placed in a slid in the lamp base, and can easily be moved in case of replacing the bulb.

    Cable length: 200 cm.