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  • TossB Reach Floor Lamp


    The highly positioned spotlight of this elegant floorlamp offers a wide area of lighting. Reach can easily be placed in both residential and professional environments where a functional lighting is needed or just to create a comfortable atmosphere. Of course Reach can be delivered in various heights, complete with an integrated cord dimmer that always allows you to set the right lighting intensity needed.

  • TossB Dice S-1/S-2 Suspension Lamp


    A playful collection consisting of glass opal white spheres and an aluminium housing. Because of the different lengths of the housing, you can play with the numbers of spheres. It gives you a freedom of making a nice composition for each room. Available in white and black. The DICE can be used as a ceiling, wall or hanging fixture.

    Be creative and just roll the dice to take a chance.

  • TossB Fly Big Wall Lamp


    Fly is a contemporary design LED wall lamp. Its V-shaped design has a light and playful appearance, like a bird flying in the air. Fly is available in two sizes and various colours. When several fixtures are combined on a wall, it creates a playful but cosy effect on your wall.

  • TossB Sphere 7 Suspension Lamp


    The ‘sphere’ is available in various different forms: a table or floor lamp, a single hanging lamp, a triple hanging lamp, a seven-armed hanging lamp, a wall lamp and a wall lamp with plug. This versatility means that the ‘sphere’ is easy to combine in almost any interior. Its soft light and its simple but elegant outline bring a warm ambiance to every room. The ‘soft touch’ finishing gives an added dimension to a design concept which feels instinctively relaxing.

  • TossB Victor C1B Ceiling Lamp


    The VICTOR is designed to obtain a versatile accent lighting solution with a discrete elegant design. The version with GU10 is perfectly suited for LED retrofit bulbs as the VICTOR with the LED module has a hybrid optic system for a perfect lightbeam and avoids dazzle while improving light performance.

  • TossB Tibo Big Wall Lamp


    Simple, stylish aluminium wall fixtures of a sleek line design. Available with a brushed and lacquered or a white, black or grey textured enamel finish. ‘Tibo’ is offered in various dimensions for halogen, fluorescent or LED.

  • TossB Bow Floor Lamp

    Since Roman times, the ‘arch’ is one of the basics in architecture. It’s part of our daily life (even if we don’t notice it), and it expresses at the same time deepness, strength and equilibrium. ‘bow’ tries to translate the essence of the arch into a minimalistic luminaire.
    Gravity and balance, combined with the arch, are the other ingredients involved in the design of this product. It is a small family composed by a floor/hanging lamp, and 7 different chandeliers (2, 4 or 6 bulbs).
  • TossB Brace Wall Lamp


    The ‘brace’ has a neat, minimalist design, with a thick, folded aluminium plate, which serves as a basis for a whole family of wall, hanging and spot units. The choice of different light sources means that this model also has a wide range of applications. As a result, the ‘brace’ looks equally good at home, in the office or in any other ‘professional’ setting.

  • TossB Bang 4 square Ceiling Lamp


    Spot collection with an emphasis on technique and mobility. Every part has a definite function, which provides for a candid and non-intrusive design. Because of this, ‘bang’ fits in any possible environment, which makes application easy. In brushed aluminium finish, ‘bang’ creates a bold ‘industrial’ impression. Then again, in enamel finish, its elegant fluent lines are emphasised.

  • TossB Conical 50 Ceiling Lamp


    Only the name conical already reveals so much about this ceiling lamp. The LED elements are discretely hidden in such a way that the light is being reflected by the conical-shaped diffuser which results in an effective but pleasant light distribution. Conical is available in three different sizes and can be dimmable.

  • TossB Ypso S Suspension Lamp


    The name ypso refers to the letter ypsilon on which its shape is inspired. The light is spread in three directions creating a large area of illumination. When installed in group, ypso seems to create structures in the air. A 3D printed connection piece is holding the tubes in place and provides a nice detail to the design. Ypso is provided with 3 steelcables so that the lamp can be installed horizontally or oblique by adjusting each cable individually. This playful pendant lamp is equipped with a high efficient LED strip, comes in two different sizes and is available in black and white.