101CPH AD Floor Lamp


AD Floor Lamp is inspired by the iconic Art Deco patterns, where trapezoidal shapes expand into symmetric patterns.AD consists of two conical lampshades made from spun aluminum.

The lampshades are based on the same conical shape, which gently encloses the light source and gives a smooth light scattering.

The sculptural construction is based on a plate geometry, which creates optical illusions between the light and massive.

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  • 101CPH Hoop Floor Lamp


    So simple, yet so sophisticated and uncompromised. It is hard to believe that a simple shape can create a stunning and art like lamp, but the Hoop series gives you just this with an almost naive essence of geometry and form.

    The silhouette itself can light up even the darkest places and by offering the Hoop lamps in both brass and bronze it is possible to create two unique atmospheres with the same lamp.

  • 101CPH AD Colonial Floor Lamp


    AD Colonial is the newest addition to the AD Collection, and features two semi transparent Lamps Shades of French rattan mesh.

    Each lampshade is characterized by a refined cognac leather detail, stitched to the edge of circular lampshades.

    The natural materials creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the French mesh adds a significant play of shadows.

    The inspiration is found in Mathieu Matégots way of working with perforated sheets in soft and organic ways, as well as vintage style colonial furniture from the mid 20th century.

  • 101CPH Dawn Floor Lamp


    With its layered shades the Dusk and Dawn lamp series playfully divides the light into a rhythm of exposure.

    The almost eclipse-like feeling contributes to an intimate and cozy atmosphere creating an art piece in itself.

    By challenging the material and form of the base the Dusk and Dawn lamps has become a new way of presenting and integrate light design in interior schemes.

    The raw handmade oxidized aluminum base creates stability and continuity to the lamp while the two spun oxidized aluminum shades create a geometrical and clean look that gives depth to the smooth light.